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Galloway Breeding Stock & Semen For Sale

Galloway weaned heifers available. Blacks and duns. Ready in October. $1500 each. Registered. Grassfed

Contact Lonnie Larson
15 month old, pasture born and raised purebred bull for sale. Fully registered with AGBA. Dun color, great conformity. Great lineage, sire HB Bam Bam, Dam Siskowit Carly. Grandson of Glenfiddich Pericles. Perfect time to get a new bull in with your cows and heifers. Call 918-720-5816

Contact John Goetzinger
Shoulderbone Farm - 215-519-6426. Debra Speyer Year old pasture raised grass fed bulls and heifers for sale. All colors.

Contact Debra Speyer - Shoulderbone Farms:
Located Roseland, VA. Grassfed 100% Galloway heifers, bulls and steers in white or black.

Contact Debra Speyer - Shoulderbone Farms:
The main ranch is selling forcing herd reduction. Coming two year old and three year old bulls $1800. Pairs $1500. Grassfed genetics descending from Certified Meat Sires from the 1960\'s. Go to www.hang5galloways.com to see more or call 307-655-9848 5/31/2018

Contact Sarah Bowman:
  http://www.hang5galloways.com/ or
White yearling bull, DOB 9/21/16. Nice conformation, nice disposition, frame score approaching five. ALSO: Black bull DOB 3/25/17. True frame 3, smoothness and beef all rolled into one. 70# BW, use him to add body and dimension, and rein in frame size. Emporia, KS 2/7/2018

Contact Judy Decker:
  www.renfarms.com or
Fullblood Galloway bulls - $2000. Top grassfed genetics. Descended from Clarence's Dream, Golden Certified Meat Sire, 1969, and/or High Point Paxxon, high perfiorming Canadian grass bull. Bulls born late May/early June 2016. Bulls can be registered for an additional $200. Email for photos or pedigree. Springdale, WA 2/7/2018

Contact Richard Serr:
  www.facebook.com/GallowayCow or
Purebred Galloways - cows, heifers and steers (whites and blacks). Our stock is raised 100% on pasture. Fairview, NC. 1/18/2018

Contact Gus Kolmel - LuAnn Farms :
  gkolmel@yahoo.com or
Grassfed Galloway heifers and steer calves. We also have some yearling heifers. Some long yearling heifers, bred to Galloway bulls. These cattle are available in blacks, whites and some belties. Good bloodlines. We are located in Southern Colorado. 1/18/2018

Contact: Jeannette King
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