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Galloway Breeding Stock & Semen For Sale

This fine heifer is ready for a good home, she's has a beautiful
solid black coat of hair, sleek and long. Priced for a fast sell at $1500.00
LAR Cassie-born 7-31-20
G-(USA) 238479-B
Sire: Willow Valley John Boy
G-(USA) 238479-B
Dam: Yaupon 6Y
G-(USA) 236666-B

Contact Robert Byron Anderson Jr
483 Ritter Ln
Email lostashridgefarm@aol.com

Three yearling bulls looking for a new home: Not registered but can be and will be vet checked. UTDS.
All sired by: H5 Cam 21C #238149
41H BLK BD: 5/17/20 BW: 74.7 Dam: H5 P41 Fritta #238453-B
46H Dun BD: 5/18/20 BW: 78.9 Dam: H5 P46 Fun Gale #238461-D
58H BLK BD: 5/19/20 BW: 73.4 Dam: H5 P58 Flicka #238452-B

Contact Randy Newgren
R&C Galloways
Burlingame, KS
Email Rnewgren@msn.com

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