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The Galloway Female

The Galloway female embodies the efficiency and maternal qualities that make any ranch profitable.
The Galloway female is an optimum beef production machine. Her calves are born easily, rarely requiring assistance. Her milk is strong, loaded with essential nutrients. Her udder is positioned tightly, virtually concealed. Her eye, nose and teats are darkly pigmented.

Her calves have outstanding health and vigor, possessing ability to make competitive gains on the ranch and in the feedyard.

She is moderate-framed and easy-fleshing, requiring fewer pounds of feed through winter. She possesses unsurpassed fertility, enabling her to breed back each year, even when forage is scarce. Her resistance to disease and sickness is second to none.

Government research shows that year in and year out, Galloway cows wean a higher percent calf crop than other beef breeds, and more live calves at weaning equates to bigger dividends on sale day.

Their distinctive, wooly haircoat makes them warm, energy efficient foragers - that's a big plus when the northers blow in.

Researchers at Montana State University estimate that beef cows with hair coats just one inch thicker consume 20% to 25% less feed in order to maintain body weight when the weather is cold. With feed costs skyrocketing, that kind of savings adds up to real money, demonstrating yet again the ‘team player’ status of the Galloway.

The Galloway's thick winter hair coat enables their calves to endure variations in temperature, strong wind and driving rain - conditions that put other breeds in the sick pen. Their haircoat also provides insect resistance, and many contend it enables the breed to maintain low levels of backfat. In warm weather, Galloways shed their winter coats easily and their hair becomes slick and shiny.
Galloways have it ALL.
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